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Jets is one of the best open source AIR tools I've seen. It was named after a jet in the original Quake 3. The developer has released a new version, J1.1, that does some very cool stuff, and it's an excellent tool for AIR devs. In addition to the custom in-game ones listed above, the author has released a bunch of cool stuff over the years. I always make a mental note to check out these resources. For example, here is a static images editor that is similar to the one in Adobe's image editors that is open source. Another tool that is awesome for AIR apps is this set of external libraries. The library allows developers to easily connect to various databases (MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, SQLite, SQL Server, and ODBC), create tables, insert rows, and delete rows. Also, the author has created a set of Adobe AIR wrapper classes that makes it very easy to access native libraries from AIR apps. ## Chapter 8. Vector Graphics: Creating Charts and Graphs This chapter covers the creation of charts and graphs using Adobe Flash Professional. The simple shapes and graphics that are the core of this book are all created using Adobe Flash Professional. This chapter shows you how to create some of the graphics you've already seen in the book. Along the way, you'll also learn about the use of the `` tag and some of the common properties that are available for all shapes. Finally, this chapter covers how to embed these graphics into Flash-based websites and apps. ## Drawing with Line Shapes Most of the graphics in this book are created using the line tool. The line tool can create a variety of line shapes. To create line shapes, start by clicking the Line tool in the Tools panel. Figure 8-1 shows the Line tool and its shape options. Figure 8-1. The line tool and its shape options There are five different shape options: Cubic This is the default shape used by the line tool. This shape is curved in all three dimensions and it can be defined with multiple control points. Spiral The Spiral shape is a very useful shape for creating things such as a curved roller coaster or an outer shell of a ball. It's very easy to create a Spiral shape because all you have to do is drag. It starts at a point, creates

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